Overall Rating
Love my apartment, parking stinks

My apartment is great and I have not had any issues with noise, bugs, leaks, anything like that. The maintenance people are nice and do their best to address concerns in a timely fashion. I would have to agree with the other reviewers here about the parking. The spots are incredibly tight to the point where it's difficult to get out of your car. Because of this people regularly double-park and make it hard for everyone to find a spot. Other than the parking, though, I have to say I am quite happy!

Erin T. 10/27/2017
Love my Place

I love my new apartment it is just the right size for me!! If the parking spaces were about a foot bigger I would give them 5 stars

Mz Neicy 1/31/2018
I love it!

I am a current resident here and i love it! with no hesitation my husband and I renewed our lease for another year. It's very quiet. People mind there business and it's a great neighborhood. The only thing I don't like is the parking. The parking spaces are way too small on the back row. We lucked up by renting the garage located directly underneath our apartment. That has eliminated my frustration with the parking. Before hand I would have to take my kids out the car first before I parked because there wasn't enough room to get out of the car once I parked. Other than that, it's great! The maintenance team is quick and responsive as well.

Vanessa S. 2/25/2018
I have been a resident for almost a year. I truly love Churchills Choice.

Living at Churchill has been great. Privacy has been wonderful. It was like staying at hotel with the comfort of home. Parking, however has been very costly. The damage to my vehicle by people parking too close. The cars and trucks that park for weeks and months. The tenants taking 2 or more parking space with there cars and large SUV's.

Wanda S. 11/16/2016
Love it, but hate the parking

I would tell them that it is a nice and quiet community, but you have to rush to get home to find a parking space that is big enough to park in. There are lots of spaces, but the size of the parking spaces does not allow for ease of entering or leaving your vehicle. People have to park in 2 spots in order to protect their car from getting damaged because the spaces are to small.

Allison C. 11/16/2016